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Wheat Straw Detangling & Grooming Comb

Wheat Straw Detangling & Grooming Comb

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This is the perfect solution for your hair care needs! Our 2-in-1 wide & fine tooth comb makes untangling and styling woes a thing of the past.  Crafted from wheat straw, this comb is extra durable, but still gentle on your hair and scalp. The option to switch between either a wide or fine end makes it ideal for quickly and easily untangling stubborn knots.

Get ready for shiny and lustrous tresses with every stroke of the comb!

  • Plant based brush and teeth
  • Made from wheat straw
  • Wide tooth to detangle
  • Fine tooth for styling and grooming
  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Reduces plastic waste

We suggest the use multi-use combs on wet and dry hair.

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