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Twist Naked Scour Pads 2 Pack

Twist Naked Scour Pads 2 Pack

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The Twist Scouring Pads are the perfect abrasive tool for tough scrubbing on any surface. The Twist Scouring Pads are dye-free and plant-based, and pack a punch that rivals the conventional plastic green scouring pads. Scrub hard, and respect the planet while doing it.
We believe in a clean world.  That means more than sparkling countertops. It means paying attention to what goes into our products and what happens to them when they are disposed of.
Twist Sponges are made exclusively from 100% renewable plant materials
  • 100% Plant Based
  • Natural Cellulose
  • No Glue
  • Hand Sewn
  • Dye-Free

Each scour pad is approx. 150x100x7.5mm

Made in Mexico


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