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The Green Store

The Green Store Waxed Bread Bag

The Green Store Waxed Bread Bag

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This wonder bag came from wanting a reusable bag to store bread from the fabulous RedBeard Bakery in Trentham.  It had to be functional in keeping the bread, produce or lunch fresh and it had to look beautiful (there are some daggy bags out there people!).  Its made with organic cotton and finished with a natural and food safe blend of beeswax and resin. 

A great gift for the foodie with everything, the home baker or yourself! You can store other fresh produce, potatoes, onions or even use as a lunch bag.  Designed and made by us for The Green Store in Trentham.

To seal, simply fold the bag over at the top and press the snap closed, this then becomes a handle.

Or just clip together without folding, as pictured, your loaf will still keep fresh!

Large bag measures 27cm x 48cm and fits a high tin loaf.

Care Instructions:

Clean with a damp cloth or tip upside down to evacuate any crumbs!

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