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Replacement Filter for Ecobud Gentoo Water Jug

Replacement Filter for Ecobud Gentoo Water Jug

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Gentoo Filter Cartridge is essential for your Gentoo Jug Water Filtration System. Each filter cartridge is up for replacement every 3 months, or with 600 litres of water used, which ever comes first.

Gentoo filters produce healthier, great tasting drinking water without the unwanted extras. It cleanses your water, removing harmful chemical pollutants such as chlorine*, fluoride*, contaminants and bacteria to minimal level from your water, leaving you with only the nutrients you need. The fresh, filtered water will greatly improve hydration by micro-clustering and reducing water molecule size to be easily-absorbed and get hydrated faster and more effectively through your body.

To be used with an Ecobud Gentoo Water Jug

- Alkalise Water

- Reduces Fluoride

- Removes Chlorine


Fine Top Mesh/PPF Filter, Energising Ceramic, Activated Carbon, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF), Calcium Ionised Clay & Ion Exchange, Bottom Mesh/PPF Filter.

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