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The Green Store Renew Essential Oil Blend 10ml

The Green Store Renew Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Our hand blended Renew essential oil blend has been carefully curated with pure essential oils that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and warming properties.  It is an active blend with French Lavender, Organic Australian Eucalyptus, Black Pepper, Basil and Lemongrass that works well in an oil burner, vapouriser or added to an oil for massaging tired muscles.  This combination is specifically created for dynamic muscular healing and relaxing the central nervous system.

For massage, The Green Store recommends mixing your essential oils with a carrier oil.  This way, you dilute the powerful properties of the essential oil and can apply it just like you would a moisturiser. Examples of carrier oils are coconut, jojoba, avocado, grape seed or sweet almond oil.  The Green Store also sells Sweet Almond Oil (food grade) in bulk so you can bring a container in and use that as a carrier oil or even in your cooking.

The Green Store would never suggest putting any pure essential oils undiluted on your skin, there are aromatherapy brands that advocate this but it should be remembered that oils are the purest liquid form of a plant and can cause burns, pigmentation (when exposed to sunlight) and scarring.  Even if you do not have sensitive skin or allergies we always recommend doing a patch test. 

Pictured here with handmade ceramic oil burner and beeswax tealight and tin.

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