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Redecker Metal Jug Toilet Brush Set

Redecker Metal Jug Toilet Brush Set

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Cleaning the toilet is never exciting, but it's a job that can't be avoided.

Redecker's high-quality Toilet Brush Set is made from embossed galvanised metal. The toilet brush is made from Thermowood - a Redecker method of heat treating wood in order for it to resist moisture penetration. The head of the brush is made of black nylon hair.

Exclusively imported and distributed by Saison.

‐ Vegan
‐ Thermowood handle
‐ Embossed galvanised metal
‐ Black nylon bristles
‐ Brush expertly crafted in Germany
‐ Container made in China
‐ 24cm high

What makes a Redecker product so special?
Redecker products are not only beautiful, they are also practical. Redecker always make sure to choose natural, renewable resources when they select their materials. Every product is critically inspected and thoroughly tested by every Redecker family member and employee before it even makes it into their catalogue. Redecker firmly believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.”

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