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One Of Twelve

One Of Twelve Gumba Fibre Bilum by Joy Lina Kusa

One Of Twelve Gumba Fibre Bilum by Joy Lina Kusa

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Natural fibre

* Diamond pattern 

* Hand made by Joy Lina Kusa

* From the Singu Arts Cooperative in the Middle Sepik River in Papua New Guinea.

* Approx measurements. 25cm (h) x 29cm (w) and 14cm handle length

This Bilum is handmade from natural fibre harvested from small trees. It is a durable material provided it does not get wet. Most dyes used on natural fibre bilums are natural and derived from plants, clay, or charcoal and are generally fixed with salt. This helps stabilise the dye but it can alter with time and use and has been known to transfer to light coloured fabrics. 

One of Twelve works with community owned and operated cooperatives in Papua New Guinea run and managed by Bilum weavers in several provinces in the region. Bilums are traditional bags, woven specifically by women, and their unique patterns reflect the values, history and symbolism of their maker.

This unique process ensures that each bilum is as individual and special as the woman who made it, an artwork in itself. Every purchase of a bilum goes directly to the makers and their families.

Along with the various coopertives we purchase through, our sidestep into the world of bilums would not have happened without our bilum mentor and Goroka bilum co-operative founder Florence Jaukae Kamel. It is Florence who has works tirelessly to promote bilums to the wider world and sources our bilums from the Eastern Highlands of PNG.



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