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Aromatherapy Pillar & Natural Timber "Stones"

Aromatherapy Pillar & Natural Timber "Stones"

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Remember Pot Pourri - dried rose petals and dyed wood shavings and goodness knows what collecting dust in a bowl?

Well at The Green Store we've updated that idea with beautifully tactile wooden tumbled shapes that will work as diffusers for your favourite pure essential oils. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the tumbled timber "stones" and the scent will gently fill your space.  Refresh the oil as required.

Buy as a pillar with recycled timber "stones" included or buy a cup of "stones" to be held in the vessel of your choice.  Due to the organic nature of the different timbers used; weights and textures will vary.  Should you need more information please let us know.  

Essential oils are not included - we love our Wombat Forest Blend for an uplifting clarifying and natural fragrance.

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