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12 Market Street

Trentham Vic 3458

Open 7 days 10am - 3pm

Monsieur Truffe Hot Chocolate Mix

$28.00 $28.00

Choose from Milk (37%) or Dark (72%) Chocolate Drop Organic, Gluten Free and Fair Trade Chocolate to make the most delicious and decadent Hot Chocolate at home!

Classic Hot Chocolate Recipe (Makes 2 servings)

2 cups of milk 

100gm Monsieur Truffe Chocolate

Cacao Powder (optional for sprinkling on top)

Sugar (optional)


Combine milk and chocolate in a saucepan, heat gently and stir continuously making sure to remove from heat before boiling point and whisk until smooth.  Add sugar if required and dust with cacao powder.

10 serves per parcel


Cardboard cylinder

Proudly Made in Melbourne by Monsieur Truffe