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Mimosa Botanicals

Mimosa Botanicals Luxury Bath Soak 125gm Sachet

Mimosa Botanicals Luxury Bath Soak 125gm Sachet

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Take time out with these delightful 1 use sachets are perfect for travel, great to pop into an envelope as a gift to send a loved one, as an addition to spa accommodation or as a special treat for yourself.  Also available in 250gm sachets and glass bottle.

Choose from eight carefully curated fragrances

Rose –An exquisite blend of Rosa damascene absolute paired with organic palmarosa & organic geranium essential oils creates a beautifully feminine & centering bath experience. In a base of epsom salt ( a fantastic magnesium boost for tired and aching muscles ) with Australian sea salt & white clay ( a soothing addition ) the smell of this bath soak is like putting your nose into a soft velvety fragrant red rose on a chilly autumn morning when the dew is still glistening on the petals.
Add 125gm into a full bath, hop in and relax..aah.
TIP: add a full can of organic coconut cream to the bath for extra hydration & luxury…your skin will love it!!

Australian Mandarin & Vanilla – is a nurturing and joyful luxury bath soak to relax the body and enliven the mind.
Using Epsom salts with coconut cream powder, Australian mandarin essential oil, vanilla extract and organic botanicals of mandarin and vanilla bean.
Epsom salts are wonderful for tired/achey muscles and with the scent combination of joyful mandarin and warm vanilla plus the added luxurious addition of coconut cream, this soak is pretty damn lush!

French Lavender & Oat Milk – this gentle, nurturing, soothing combination of epsom salts, organic ground oat powder, organic botanicals of lavender and chamomile with essential oils of French lavender and German chamomile is simply lovely!

Great to use before bed to assist in sleep, as a relaxation tool and also for sensitive skin.
Oats are remarkably soothing for itchy, sensitive skin, as is chamomile.  Lavender and chamomile will send you off to the sleepy time clouds…ah.

Geranium, Orange & Cacao – is a delightfully earthy and grounding blend of geranium, patchouli & Australian orange essential oils transports me to another place, I hope it does you too!  Combined with epsom salts ( beneficial for aching bodies and tired muscles), Australian pink clay, organic orange peel powder,organic rose buds, organic cacao nibs and nourishing organic fairtrade cocoa butter. AMAZING!



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