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70 Mile Bush

Norsewear 70 Mile Bush Lite Trekker Possum Socks

Norsewear 70 Mile Bush Lite Trekker Possum Socks

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Want your toesies to feel rad as heck?

70 Mile Bush Lite Trekker Possum Socks are a light weight possum sock is for a shoe or light boot perfect for being on your feet all day whether it be hiking, farming or gallavanting. The sock features a light elastic leg and arch support. The reinforced sole adds plenty of cushion and the linked toe seam provides the ultimate comfort.

Natural Neutral Tones Colour - choose from Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large

35% Lambswool

18% Possum

10% Angora

18% Merino

15% Nylon

4% Lycra

Made in New Zealand

INSPIRED BY THE PIONEER SETTLERS, whose boundless energy and tireless efforts saw them clear towering New Zealand forest to create the township of Norsewood.

The 70 Mile Bush was the densely forested area stretching from Norsewood in the north, to Masterton in the south.

Made for active, hardworking people who live life on their feet, every pair of 70 Mile Bush socks have been designed and engineered for maximum comfort and knitted in our Norsewood mill from the finest natural fibres for excellent durability.
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