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Loom Designs Tea Towel/Hand Towel

Loom Designs Tea Towel/Hand Towel

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Loom Designs hand woven and naturally dyed cloth Towels are a considered organic choice for the kitchen or bathroom. Soft tightly woven cotton which is not only beautiful to use but also durable.  They will become softer and more absorbent with each use. 

Made in Laos.

Size 50cm x 65cm.

The Story behind Loom Designs;

Loom Designs was born out of a desire to recreate the beautiful textiles of Laos and Cambodia.  Carol Harrison fell in love with the textiles, the traditional skills used, the people and the landscape of these two countries.  

"Travelling to Laos on various holidays I was always drawn to their beautiful textiles. Laos is more commonly known for the intricate handwoven silk fabrics but it was the naturally dyed and handwoven cotton textiles that I was particularly interested in," she says.

Whilst there, she learnt about the traditional methods of dyeing using natural plant dyes, and weaving on traditional wood looms.

"I began to appreciate the process of producing these textiles, all under very basic conditions. After volunteering in Laos for 6 weeks and travelling to Cambodia many times, the idea of Loom Designs began to form in my mind. So really Laos chose me."

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