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Laylow's Specs Saver Keeper On'er Glasses Chain

Laylow's Specs Saver Keeper On'er Glasses Chain

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"Where are my glasses?" you will question no more!

We made a chain to hold onto your specs and we call it the 'Lay-Low'.

Are you sick of dropping your sunglasses off your head? Ever lost them down the toilet? Ever come inside from being out in the sun with your cool hat & shades on and it's too dark inside so you take your sunglasses off and then you are just standing there holding onto your sunglasses like a fool because you can't put them on your head because your hat is there? 

We have the solution to all those awkward problems.  Lay-Low chains are light weight aluminium and anodised in a range of colours. Lay-Low chains will last forever and let's face it they look great. 

Don't scratch your designer specs or servo specials by throwing them in your bag because you lost the case, just wear Lay-Lows around your neck and look great doing it. Lay-Low!

Proudly Made in Trentham from imported ingredients ;)



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