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Lauren McQuade Handmade Ceramics

Lauren McQuade Handmade Ceramic Handled Mug

Lauren McQuade Handmade Ceramic Handled Mug

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Beautiful wheel thrown ceramic cup.

Start your day the right way with the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

Lauren says "I love starting my morning ritual, sipping from my favourite cup. The warmth of the sturdy ceramic feels good in my hand, steam drifting from a fresh pour as I ponder a good day ahead."

Choose your own favourite one-of-a-kind belly cup or a set, each one is uniquely designed and handmade to last.  Glazes, sizes and details do vary from cup to cup and adds to each piece' unique beauty.

Cup Sizes (width is the mouth of the cup)

Pink Blush 1 - 75hx80w

Pink Blush 2 -72hx78w

Electric Green 1 - 75hx80w

Electric Green 2 - 82hx78w

White Cup 1 - 78hx82w

White Cup 2 -79hx78w

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