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Honeybee Wraps

Honeybee Wraps Reusable Twin Packs

Honeybee Wraps Reusable Twin Packs

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Waste-free, plastic-free, reusable, non-toxic, sustainable storage.

 All Honeybee Wraps are made with 100% certified   organic cotton infused with a special blend of local organic beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, jojoba oil and natural tree gum products which have antibacterial properties.


Medium Wraps measures 30cmx26.5cm;  A very versatile size for the kitchen use as a cheese wrap, sandwich wrap, salad bowl cover, children's lunch wrap, or to store herbs to keep them fresh for longer!

Large Wraps measure 35cmx34cm;  Perfect for salad bowls or storing leftovers on a plate in the fridge. great for small bunches of basil, corriander and parsley.


All packaging used for this product is 100% compostable including the clear view window and printed on FSC board using based inks.

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