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Galah Magazine

Galah Magazine

Galah Magazine

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Galah is a love letter to regional Australia. The people who live here. The unique landscapes. The amazing stories.

GALAH. is an independent print publication about regional Australia. A modern voice from the bush. There's glorious heavy-stock pages of stories about art, architecture, farming and food that explore what it means to live in regional Australia today. This is not a publication to be read in one sitting.

Issue 4 

All about water. 

Author and journalist Gabrielle Chan, with her idiosyncratic clarity, explores our water trading system and wonders if applying the free market philosophy to it is a good thing. Author and lawyer, Richard Beasley SC, shares some of his learnings from his time as Counsel Assisting the SA Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
What do you do then nothing is certain? When tectonic plates shift, when it doesn’t rain, when rules change and when marriages end? Editor Annabelle Hickson visits the Murray River community of Barham on the NSW-Victoria border to try to find some answers.
We visit Jill Wran in her garden on the New South Wales Central Coast and marvel at the beauty of her private retreat from a public life.
And then we hop on a light plane and head to Haggerstone Island, 600km north of Cairns, nestled amongst the colourful reefs and pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef.  Galah Issue 4 is an exploration and celebration of regional Australia of epic proportions. We hope you enjoy it.


Galah Issue 6 is a big 176 pages so that you can slowly devour it over the summer holidays, or wrap it up and pop it under the Christmas tree as a hefty gift. It’s full of beautiful images and fascinating stories from regional Australia, all centred around this issue’s theme of ‘Neighbours’.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in Issue 06 where we:
Remember artist and activist Olive Pink
Travel through deep time at the Canowindra Age of Fishes Museum
Get to know a family of farmers tying to make solar work for them
Spend time with the rock stars of the Western Australian art scene
Go for a drink at a home-made pub in Tasmania
Visit unique gardens in Central Victoria and the New England
Hang out with ceramicists at both ends of Australia
Meet two women leading the hard conversations around addiction and sexual abuse in regional communities
Discover how to be kinder in a post pandemic world
Meet Herb Smith the septuagenarian entrepreneur
Debate the merits of private schooling with Gabrielle Chan


Talk regenerative farming with Rachel Ward: actor, director, cattle grower
Remember actor and activist Uncle Jack Charles
Split the family farm with Gabrielle Chan
Chat with farmers rewiring their power grids – together
Pull up a seat at country pubs making a difference
Eavesdrop on the farmyard love stories of chef Annie Smithers
Follow a pilgrim’s trail linking Western Australia’s boldly modernist churches
Absorb the botanical wisdom of a veteran gardener
Forage for mushrooms with a mycophile
Celebrate the late-life legacy of colonial artist John Glover
Hang out with artists on the east and west coasts
Sit down to a long lunch with Belinda Jeffery


At a big 176 pages, Galah Issue 08 is full of beautiful images, gardens, recipes and feel-good tales of community to be gifted, read, revisited and shared with loved ones over the summer holidays.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in Issue 08 where we:

  • Open the door to Australia's finest regional architecture
  • Talk history and horticulture with seventh-generation gardeners. 
  • Solve the regional housing crisis - one idea at a time 
  • Take the plunge with underwater art photographer Tamara Dean
  • Tackle the critical issue of food security with Gabrielle Chan
  • Do the pipi dance at dawn with shellfish harvesters
  • Remember the indomitable novelist Miles Franklin
  • Watch Kakadu sculptors conjure a cockatoo from the bush
  • Play houses with a dollhouse miniaturist
  • Witness the energy of Iwantja artists in central Australia 
  • Ice the drinks, cook the chook and come for lunch


At 176 pages, Galah Issue 09 is full of beautiful images, gardens, recipes and feel-good tales of community, centred around this issue’s theme of ‘Growth’. It makes the perfect mother’s day gift or companion for a quiet cup of coffee.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in Issue 09:

  • How an amateur musical changed a small town
  • Celebrate the life of master artist John Olsen
  • Chart the Great Regional Migration with Gabrielle Chan
  • Take the plunge with the underwater gardener
  • The late blossoming of an opal-mining artist
  • Talk radical garden design with Kurt Wilkinson
  • Pack the picnic blanket for autumn lunch
  • Hooked! Fly fishing, obsession and mindfulness
  • Building a library, rebuilding a life
  • Follow an insider’s travel guide to Orange
  • Make a sea change, with oysters
  • Visit the land where chocolate grows on trees


  • What zero-waste activist Joost Bakker did next
    Australia’s mad inventions and eureka moments
  • The unerring eye of photographer Olive Cotton
  • Why the Franklin Frosties freeze every morning
  • Rodeos, races and other outback parties
  • Art and the reinvention of Hill End
  • How millions of breadtags ended up in Cowra
  • Follow an insider’s travel guide to Gippsland
  • Putting Australian tuna in supermarkets
  • Jenny Kee’s lifelong obsession with waratahs
  • The quest to distil the scents of a garden
  • Light the fire, warm the hearth for a long lunch
  • Is nuclear power the answer to our energy crisis?
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