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Flatout Bear

Flatout Bear Baby

Flatout Bear Baby

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A miniature version of the classic FLATOUTbear: soft, cuddly & flat, the FLATOUTbearbaby is made of 100% Australian sheepskin shaped like a cute and tiny teddy bear.

  • Hand made from 100% Australian sheepskin
  • 18cm x 16cm or 7″ x 6″(this may vary as each bear is hand cut)
  • 4cm or 2″ flat
  • Easy care – warm hand wash and dry in shade
  • Baby Safe Eyes and Nose – meets Australian and International toy safety Standards.
  •   tested
  • Colours available – milk, honey, latte, koala, chocolate, rosie and bluey.

We suggest that you follow the SIDS guidelines as well as using a common sense approach when giving children the FLATOUTbear. Like with anything, we suggest parental supervision and we hope that the FLATOUTbear will become a loved member of your family.

It’s handbag size, it’s pocket size, it’s pint size, and it’s oh so cute!

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