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Dindi Naturals

Dindi Naturals Room Mist 250ml

Dindi Naturals Room Mist 250ml

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Dindi Naturals’ room mists are made from a base of natural hydrosols, a bi-product from the steam distillation of plant essential oils. Using pure essential oils and an emulsifier and voila – a fantastic all natural room mist – suitable for bathrooms or any room that needs refreshing.  The most beautifully crafted natural fragrances will keep you uplifted and the home smelling amazing.

Dindi Naturals aroma-therapeutic room mist sprays are a fantastic natural alternative to common synthetic room sprays and air fresheners. Say goodbye to constant headaches and unnatural fragrances, Dindi Naturals room mists are made from a base of natural plant hydrosols and signature blends of pure essential oils.

  • wild rose - sweet rose meets fresh bergamot to deliver a surprisingly beautiful, refreshing floral scent 
  • morocco - a sweet, spicy and warming fragrance, with underlying scents of orange, frankincense and cinnamon. 
  • calm flower - is a gentle, feminine floral. The powdery sweetness of geranium blends beautifully with lavender and a hint of lemongrass adds a touch of spiciness.
  • clarity - a stimulating and refreshing blend of a may chang, sage + rosemary
  • fresh australia - a stimulating and refreshing blend with a sweet lemon twist to cleanse and purify.
  • bush lemon - has a fresh, natural lemon eucalyptus scent, reminiscent of the fresh clean scents of the Australian bush after summer rain

Made in Alexandra, Victoria, Australia




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