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Dindi Naturals

Dindi Naturals Boxed Bar Soap

Dindi Naturals Boxed Bar Soap

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 100% Natural Handmade Soap – Dindi Naturals – Skin Salvation – Planet Protection

Extra Virgin Olive Oil soaps are made to a traditional method, carefully blended by hand.  Dindi Naturals combines premium plant oils and butters with botanicals, herbs, clay and pure essential oils to produce a creamy gentle, all natural soap suitable for a variety of skin types.  Dindi Naturals products are handcrafted from the finest natural ingredients.  Cruelty free, palm oil free, readily biodegradable and never contain synthetic colours, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals or nasty additives.  Please refer to description for fragrances.

To preserve the life of your soap, store in a dry dark area and drain well after use.

Minimum 110gm bar boxed in recycled packaging

Made in Alexandra, Victoria, Australia

A  bar natural soap gentle enough for your entire body and perfect for those with sensitive skin, acne and eczema who are looking for relief.  Natural colours from plants and clay; perfumed with pure essential oils and kind to animals, the earth and you.

Choose from a huge variety of delicate scents and key ingredients to ensure a bespoke & invigorating experience such as:

  • Bay Spice (bay leaf, clove, nutmeg & bergamot)
  • Mint Eucalyptus (spearmint, blue gum & goats milk)
  • Pepperberry (black pepper, clove & ylang ylang)
  • Orange Flower (petitgrain, sweet orange & ylang ylang)
  • Lemon Smoothie (lemon myrtle, yoghurt & cocoa butter)
  • Lemongrass Tea (geranium, lemongrass & lavender)
  • Lemon Tea Tree (lemon scented tea tree & Kakadu plum extract)
  • Mandarin Lime (mandarin, bergamot, lime & coconut milk)
  • Rosewood Sage (clary sage, rosewood & irish moss)
  • Lavender Sage (lavender, marjoram & spanish sage)
  • Rosalina (calming rosalina, pink clay & patchouli)
  • Patchouli (hazelnut milk, patchouli & cocoa butter)
  • Geranium (geranium, lavender & camellia oil)
  • Wattleseed Scrub (exfoliating botanicals, lemon eucalyptus & rosemary)
  • Blue Gum (eucalyptus, tea tree & sweet orange)
  • Hemp Sensitive Skin gentle and soothing with no added fragrance
  • Olive Oil Sensitive Skin gentle and soothing with no added fragrance
  • Charcoal (fennel, sweet orange, teatree & lemongrass)
  • Herb Therapy (marjoram, sage, basil & rosemary)
  • Citrus Mint (sweet orange, ginger & peppermint)


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