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Corrynne's Natural Soap & Body

Corrynne's Mineral Milk Bath Salts - Nourish

Corrynne's Mineral Milk Bath Salts - Nourish

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Jump in the tub with moisturising Mineral Milk Bath chock full of skin nourishing oatmeal, coconut milk and luxurious essential oils.

This bath soak is made with BP (British Pharmaceatical) Epsom salts, bentonite clay, sea salt, coconut milk, zinc powder, oatmeal and vanilla and lavender essential oils. It is packed full of minerals such as magnesium, zinc and silica which are absorbed through the skin. Add half a cup to your bath and immerse yourself in this milky tonic. Epsom salts are therapeutic grade and dont contain heavy metals.

Add to a warm bath when you need to nourish your beaut bod!

*BP Grade Epsom salts means they comply with British Pharmaceutical standards and contain no heavy metals **Please note you should avoid Epsom salt baths if you have high blood pressure or a heart or kidney condition.

Net weight 500 grams

Recycled brown paper packaging

Made in Australia

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