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Cool Earth Ceramics

Cool Earth Ceramics Clay Bead Necklace Wall Art

Cool Earth Ceramics Clay Bead Necklace Wall Art

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Handmade clay beads are fired to 1000c.  Some are then either pit fired or fired in saggas in a gas kiln with sugar and linseed oil in the driftwood sawdust.  The beads will become more colourful and smoother as they absorb the oils from your skin, evolving and ageing over time.

Soak them in water and place them in the fridge, freezer or on ice in the esky for a cool sensation on a hot day.  Alternatively, simply dunk them in the ocean to cool - the salt water will also add to the ageing process.

I think they look beautiful hung on the wall and add essential oils to the clay beads to scent your space.


Handmade by Shireen Talibudeen in Far North Queensland

Threaded on heavy elastic - these are heavy and weigh up to 800 grams

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