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Bridget Farmer

Bridget Farmer Bush Birds Card Game

Bridget Farmer Bush Birds Card Game

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Bridget Farmer's long awaited second book is finally here and with it the new card game! (This listing is for the card game. See separate listing for the book.)

The Bush Birds game consists of 48 cards - 4 sets of 12 designs depicting different native Australian birds commonly found in open forests and woodlands. The cards come in a sturdy 2 piece box.

The cards come with instructions on how to play a number if different games, such as Go Fish (Go Birding!), snap and memory games, as well as encouraging players to invent their own games with the cards. There are also 4 info cards with details about each bird.

The illustrations are all created from dry point etchings which have been hand coloured with watercolour paints by local artist Bridget Farmer.


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