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The Wheat Bag Heat Pack

$20.00 $20.00

All wheat bags are made here in Australia by skilled staff using locally grown, natural wheat. The bags, which are 100% cotton corduroy, are available in three sizes and are individually wrapped with instructions.  

Small - 18 x16cm

Large - 38x17cm

Neck - 60x12cm

Unlike cremes or gels The Wheat Bag can be used time and time again, providing not only a reliable source of treatment but saving money as well!

The cellular structure of the wheat provides ideal insulating qualities. It absorbs either heat or cold evenly, then radiates this stored energy to stimulate circulation, assist with natural healing and relaxation and relieve tension and pain.

Wheat bags can be used heated

Used hot may temporarily relieve

  • Muscle soreness and joint pain
  • Arthritic and rheumatic aches and cramps
  • Stimulates local blood flow and aids relaxation


Wheat bags can be used cold

Used cold may temporarily relieve

  • Minor cuts, abrasions and bruises
  • Sports injuries, sprains and swelling
  • Insect bites, headaches, toothaches and minor burns

Always follow heating instructions, do not use under bedding and do not overheat.

Our wheat bags are approved by the Australian Register of Therapeutic GoodsWheat bags have been approved as a medical device by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, as specified in section 41FN of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

Australian Standard AS/NZS 5116:2016

Why A Wheat Bag

More and more people are turning to natural remedies for their health and well-being. The Wheat Bag is a chemical-free, natural alternative to messy gels and hot water bottles. 

The Wheat Bag delivers passive and relaxing heat to ease muscular aches and pains, for areas such as the neck or back, as well as for menstrual pain. Recommended by Health Care Professionals, The Wheat Bag is ideal for home use and is safe for all ages.

Did you know that The Wheat Bag serves as a cold pack as well? Simply place in the freezer inside a bag. Ideal for anyone with children. Perfect for taking care of that next bump.