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12 Market Street

Trentham Vic 3458

12 Market Street

Trentham Vic 3458

Monday - Saturday 11am - 2pm

Renewal Massage & Facial

$160.00 $160.00

To book online please click on the link below..or call 0428 853 506.


This is a wonderful restorative treatment beginning with a fragrant foot soak, continuing with a relaxing therapeutic massage that will melt your overworked and tired muscles back into action; finally ending a luxurious, organic facial (specific to your needs). 

In Australia we often only get a facial because we have been given a gift voucher or we are hoping to turn back the clock with some radical new treatment.  Don’t underestimate the toll that stress and other toxins that we deal with daily have on your skin, why not schedule a monthly or every other month facial?  It’s an inexpensive; not mention enjoyable and uplifting part of life maintenance!

We choose products that are natural and contain simple ingredients. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best solution.  Our product selection is tailored to you to nourish the skin with what the earth has provided (we aren’t interested in fancy chemicals created in a lab that claim to do the impossible).

Our organic facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage and mask, tone and moisturise. The benefit of this ritual, together with facial massage will bring your skin to life; leaving you radiant and renewed.  Facial massage helps us relax.  It increases blood flow, circulation and collagen production which will all assist in anti ageing.

Then float off down Market Street!


Please arrive five - ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to catch your breath and prepare for bliss in our lounge and fill in some paperwork with a cup of our special herbal tea.

The therapeutic/relaxation sequence is a massage that uses heated sweet almond and essential oils covering most parts of the body.  There are contraindications, certain medical conditions and pregnancy that will prevent techniques used during massage.  Please fill in as much detail as you can on the client consent form.  Be confident that your privacy is protected and details will only be shared with health professionals with your written consent.

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