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12 Market Street

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12 Market Street

Trentham Vic 3458

Open 7 days 10am - 3pm

Mingalaba Hand Woven Suffolk Round Basket

$75.00 $75.00

This style features a double reinforced handle with round shape.

Basket Sizes:

Large: 30cm H x 22cm W x 38cm L

Medium: 25cm H x 18cm W x 33cm L

Small: 23cm H x 15cm W x 30cm L

      These are a beautiful coloured basket, made by the same village that makes our original Bangalow basket.

      All baskets have recycled strapping in the frames and handles.

      Great for markets, beach everyday activities, ideal for teachers, health workers those that need to carry a lot of books and a laptop

      • Waterproof, easy clean
      • Made in Burma | Fair Trade

      Each one is unique