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12 Market Street

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12 Market Street

Trentham Vic 3458

Monday - Saturday 11am - 2pm

Detox Clay Wrap & Massage Treatment

$160.00 $160.00

Time to treat yourself or someone else just as special with one of our luxurious body treatments. Curated specially to nurture and nourish your beautiful body; keeping true to the Australian lifestyle while remaining kind to the planet.

Your detox begins on our comfortable massage bed with a dry body brush sloughing off the dead dry skin cells, improving the appearance of your skin and allowing your body to hydrate more effectively once moisturiser has been applied afterward.  The light pressure (tingly and invigorating!) against your skin and direction of movement encourages the movement of lymph fluid into the lymph nodes, so waste and toxins can be eliminated.  Your body naturally does this but dry brushing is a boost that speeds up the process, all while improving circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs.  Low immune system or sluggish metabolism?  Dry brushing is perfect for you!

An Australian clay masque is then applied to the entire body (except your privates and your head!) you are softly wrapped like a bug in a rug while the clay dries – drawing impurities and toxins from your skin while you enjoy a gentle scalp massage, taking zen to level ten….ohmm..

Australia’s ancient geology provides a huge range of minerals, our Australian clay we offer to you here at The Greenstore has been carefully chosen for its therapeutic and beautifying benefits to the skin. These clays have cleansing and detoxifying properties, they also moisturise and revitalise the complexion. Australian clays and mud have the best pH value for protecting and balancing the acid mantle of our skin.

Then you will be given some time to yourself to wash off in our beautifully appointed ensuite and dry off with our super soft bamboo cotton towels and bathrobe.

Time to then renew those tired muscles with a moisturising therapeutic massage.  Walk out the door invigorated, glowing and balanced – ready to take on the world; just remember to get dressed!

To book online please click on the link below..or call 0428 853 506.


Please arrive a five - ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to catch your breath and prepare for bliss in our lounge and fill in some paperwork with a cup of our special herbal tea.

The therapeutic/relaxation sequence is a massage that uses heated sweet almond and essential oils covering most parts of the body.  There are contraindications, certain medical conditions and pregnancy that will prevent techniques used during massage.  Please fill in as much detail as you can on the client consent form.  Be confident that your privacy is protected and details will only be shared with health professionals with your written consent.

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